Heroes Zitate

S01E03 - One Giant Leap
Nathan "You get it, right?"
Peter "Yeah. I Get it."
Nathan "Good boy!"

S01E05 - Hiros
Hiro "Don't worry. I'll stop it. I'm a hero"
Nathan "Lucky us."

Nathan "Where're you from?"
Hiro "Tokyo, Japan"
Nathan "Aha. Never been there."

S01E06 - Better Halves
Claire "So, is there anything I should know? Like medically, anything weird or out of the ordinary?"
Fake-Bio-Mom "Well, there is something... I have diabetes."

S01E07 - Nothing To Hide
Angela "I'm never kidding about family brunch"
Nathan "Because we never have family brunch."

Hiro "Why couldn't I have super strength too?"

Claire "Just give me the damn tape"
Lyle "I'm gonna put this thing on youtube, make a million bucks!"
Zach "Youtube is free, you idiot!"

S01E11 - Fallout
Ando "I wish... destiny would lose our number!"

Isaac "What about me?"
Hiro "I saw you on the floor... you were dead... with your head.. cut... off."

FBI Agent [thinking] "What can I say, he can be cute. Oh god, did he just hear that?"
"Did you just read my mind?"
Matt laughs

Hiro "Oh no! What if I step on a bug? I could change history..."
Ando "Change history? You're gonna die!
strangegeniuses am 14.11.07 03:22

Esther ‎(03.11.2007 01:09):
gott aber diese stimme! mohi könnte mir das telefonbuch vorlesen und ich wuerde schmelzen


NiLi ‎(26.10.2007 15:30):
und? schwanz is schwanz, mir doch egal wo der vorher drin war solang er sich wäscht
strangegeniuses am 3.11.07 01:10